Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Research and training activities

Survey and cataloguing of the minor cultural heritage of the Region of Campania

1998 - 1999

commissioned by the Department of Tourism, in the context of the Operative Programme "Development and appreciation of tourism feasible in the Regions of Objective 1", sub-programme 1, measure 5

Cataloguing of the archaeological, architectural, historical, artistic, environmental and demo-anthropological heritage of the Altopiano Silano and the creation of a multi-medial data bank


commissioned by the Region of Calabria, POP 1994-1999, measure 4.4

First course for Cultural Promoters

Training for the creation of a business enterprise in the sector of the cultural heritage and services to tourism and its use


in collaboration with IG Spa, Company for Youth Business Enterprise

Survey of the sacred places of the historical center of Naples 

1994 - 1995

In collaboration with the Department of History of Architecture, "Federico II" University of Naples

Experimental research

project Museum and territory: innovation of educational methods, training and communication.

The case of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

1992 - 1993


Six scholarships for the research project

The economic relevance of the Southern Italian cultural heritage: the case of Naples


In collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, "Federico II" University of Naples

One scholarship in the memory of Alberto Monroy for Research at the

Marine Biological Laboratory

Woods Hole, Mass., USA


Four study scholarships for research on the Phlegraean Fields in the following subjects:

archaeology, history of art, economics and literature



Rediscovered places

Permanent observatory for the conservation and appreciation of the historical centers of Southern Italy

dal 1984