Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Special Projects

Knowing for safeguarding: Schools and the conservation of cultural heritage




This is the title that the Ministry of Education - in collaboration with ICCROM and the International Fund for the Spread of Culture - gave in the school year of 1990-1991 to a competition for the pupils of primary, middle and upper schools.

On the initiative of the Foundation, part of the work produced was exhibited at the Villa Pignatelli Museum in Naples, an opportunity for pupils and their teachers to reflect on the complexity of the subject and the wealth of stimuli that derive from it.

The initiative also comprised a teacher training course which offered teachers methodologies and techniques by which, together with students and within the context of school programmes, they could develop a multidisciplinary approach to the cultural heritage as a special school subject able to convey a dynamic and integrated idea in its many-sidedness.