Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Special Projects

Monuments: Open Doors

9-10 May 1992 / 8 - 9 May 1993



This event took its inspiration from the initiative Portes Ouvertes sur les Monuments Historiques began in France in 1984 and which then, in 1991, spread to various European countries, under the aegis of the Council of Europe with the name European Heritage Days.

On the initiative of the Fondazione Napoli Novantanove, Naples was the first Italian city to take up the event,

Thanks to the collaboration of the entire city, on the invitation of the Fondazione Napoli Novantanove, the institutions opened the doors to about two hundred monuments (many of which were normally shut for purposes of restoration or because of lack of staff, or because they were private property. Naples became a large open museum , to which everyone had access. And for the first time, it became possible to experience cultural itineraries traditionally reserved to scholars and a restricted number of privileged tourists, and so enjoy the city and its historical and architectural heritage.

Thanks to the Open Doors project, the population got to know Naples as never before, and most importantly re-acquired their historical memory and their identity , as well as realising what the opportunities for development are related to the appreciation of the cultural heritage.