Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Special Projects

Schools Adopt Monuments towards new frontiers

1998 - 2000



Towards New Frontiers is an initiative involving the schools partecipating in The National Network Schools Adopt Monuments. In recent years Naples schools have played a leading role. At a certain moment, and with the guidance of superb teachers, our young people have learnt to know and love their city, so rediscovering the sense of " citizenship".

Starting from Naples, which has shown great qualities and abilities in the complex development of Schools Adopt Monuments project, the school has begun a journey towards new frontiers, the frontiers of communication towards the handicapped.

The Towards New Frontiers initiative, in fact, is involved in the production of "plastic objects" inspired by the monuments that have been adopted, for a projected Tactile Museum to be set up in Naples.

The Tactile Museum, intended for the blind, will play the role of a Workshop of scientific research and educational and creative experimentation in the field of the arts, taking the handicapped as its starting-point, and of a Centre of Documentation of educational experiences for inservice training at the service of the city, a flexible institution for the gathering and documentation of all that is achieved in Naples schools which can give ideas and support to the need for in-service training.

In producing their models, the schools have created an exhibition of the most important monuments of their city, taken a whole an Atlkas of Italian Art, the only one of its kind, which can be enjoyed by everyone, not only by the handicapped.

The realisation of the Tactile Museum began with a competition with prizes for every type and level of school involved. The Tactile Museum, the first in Italy, will be the only one of its kind because its initial nucleus will be created with the collaboration of Naples schools and those of other towns in The National Network Schools adopt Monuments. This nucleus will grow with contributions from public and private institutions of the city.